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Schedule management in a human and participative system for ARMATIS-LC (EN subtitles)

Rémy TAPPERO, Director of Operational Expertise

The advantage of the tool that we use today is that it allows us to work in a virtual call center and address a global planification strategy while adressing each site’s social specificities. […]

Customer experience and employee engagement at the heart of HESS AUTOMOBILE schedules

Brice AGBEKPONOU, Director of Customer Experience

We have this ability to preview and plan our collaborators according to these flows and the processing time of these flows. Thanks to consolidated data, we are able to know how long the collaborator’s activity will last. […]

A haute couture device to streamline workforce management at INTERMARCHE

Henri BRUSSELLE, Director of the Store

Going back to what we had, I would not do it because thanks to all these tools we managed to remove a substantial workload from all of our managers.
We now have transparency levels that please our collaborators […]

The HYPER U store in Neuilly-sur-Marne optimizes the schedules and time management of its teams

Nathalie DOUAY, Head of Checkout, Reception, Rental Services

With employees on site from 5.30 am to 9 pm, I am able to edit a schedule according to the needs of our activity in store while dealing with legal constraints […]

Experiences, optimized management of timetables and schedules

Experience Time Management

RATP, Schedule planning, finding a balance

The lack of transparency, flexibility and modeling of processes and flows on MS Excel no longer made it possible to carry out our mission professionally

Gaëtan Bultez, Director of Customer Service

absys testimonial

ABSYS, a contact center that overcomes its constraints

The objective is to encourage the handling of the thorny question of timetables by the main players in Absys: the agents themselves.

M. Duperray, Development Manager

majorel testimonial

MAJOREL, creating work schedules does not mean imposing them

Above all, the planning tool makes it possible to find the optimal compromise between the economic health of the company, the expectations of employees and customer expectations.

Stéphan Péralès, WFM Manager

delhaize testimonial

AHOLD-DELHAIZE, The hypervision improves schedules

We have chosen to better control the situation in store from the head office by enhancing and supporting in store management through central tools.

Hervé Jamar, Workforce Manager

ikanbi testimonial

IKANBI, Combines the flexibility of telecommuting with team spirit

120 employees on average with variable durations, work from their home. This implementation required Timesquare® integration.

Etienne Carsetti – Chief Operating Officer

intermarché testimonial

INTERMARCHE, Streamlines workforce and task management

We respect the social rules, so we avoid any conflict between manager/collaborator or collaborator/direction and we have a follow-up from planning to payroll.

Henri Brusselle, Director of Store

quick testimonial

QUICK, Anticipates more effectively

Above all, technology offers us concrete time savings, as long as we benefit from precise settings in line with our business’ challenges

Philippe Meyer, Restaurants Manager

leclerc testimonial

E.LECLERC DRIVE, Scheduling a 90 employees team to the rythm of incoming orders

Planexa® facilitates an activity forecasting of the Drive-thru / Drive-in by importing order histories processed from the Middle-Drive software inputs (eg delivery number and times, etc.).

Cédric François, Head of Drive

coriolis testimonial

CORIOLIS SERVICE plans to satisfy customers and employees

Advisors can view their schedule in real time from the device of their choice (smartphone, computer, tablet), even while still on vacation.

M. Hérault, Managing Director

systeme U testimonial

SYSTEME U, optimized timetables and schedules, productivity gains!

Without this planning software and its calculation engine, we would not be able to manipulate all this data to obtain optimized schedules… the seasons are no longer an unsolvable jigsaw

M. Pavec, Administrative and financial Manager

burger king testimonial

BURGER KING, Planning and Time Management in the Cloud

The 15 min. granularity allows us to forecast the necessary skills and numbers of team members over very specific periods.

Laurent, Restaurant manager

strategic planning

Strategic Planning Experiences

Strategic Planning Experiences

Corporate profitability, employee development, quality of service: can a virtuous balance be achieved on a daily basis?

8 experts share their planning approaches and challenges

A project in mind? Just curious?