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O2 care services | Organize the balance of customer service around optimized daily schedules

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E.Leclerc | Centralize schedules and time and attendance for the entire point of sale

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Hess Automobiles | Optimize contact center schedules


Timesquare | HRIS Platform for WFM and Time Management

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Intermarché | An integrated HRIS system to make the team’s management more agile

  Excel versus WFM

Optimize your schedules when Excel is no longer up to the task…

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Armatis-lc | The WFM tool for planning and scheduling process

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Système U | Retail workforce planning and management


Timesquare Webtour – WFM Planning and time tracking solution in a collaborative environment

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Holy-Dis teams are mobilized to create innovative HR Planning and Time Management solutions

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Find all of our publications dedicated to decoding WFM and Time and Attendance management issues.

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Managing human resources and their schedules in the contact center.

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White Paper | Working at home: a new model for call centers?