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Ranked in the Top 250 of French software editors for more than 15 years, Holy-Dis came in 76th position in its category in 2018.

Editor of the French Tech
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HRIS Integrator Editor

Holy-Dis was born from a challenge launched by a father, a retailer, to his son, a young computer scientist, at the end of the 1980s. “We have to put an end to waiting queues and the schedules brainteaser!”

From the beginning, the objective was to focus on global business issues and not only on HR ones: activity data should be the reference of all schedules We need to develop the solution that aligns resources to needs.

Seeking operational excellence through schedules

Holy-Dis designed 6 successive generations of software (from GESTHOR® to TIMESQUARE® via PLANEXA®) to provide an ideal forecast schedule Their common goal is to meet the primary expectation of our users and customers: Assigning the right person with the right skill at the right time and the right place.

Your software Publisher and Integrator

Our job offers us a privileged position at your side. From decision makers to users, we bring you a cutting-edge expertise to integrate time management solutions, while advising and training you for a top level implementation, matching your needs and deadlines

Business expertise and proximity to meet your challenges

Holy-Dis counts over 30 years of experience, to support you in adapting you in adapting your organization to the changes in your trades as well as to the transformations of your legal, organizational, societal and economic challenges Our staff comes from our 4,500 customers business lines (Shops and E-shops, Customer service and Contact Center, Catering and Leisure, Logistics, Business and personal services). Our experts are experienced in the sectors features and best practices. This competitive advantage contributes to boost your own expertise as well as our software.

Human values for long-term experiences

More than ever, we believe that HRIS tools should involve all members of the company, from employee to manager, from CEO to operation manager. The agile organization of our Development Factory combined with our services, both operational staff and HR oriented, allow us to build positive, long-lasting user, employee and customer experiences.

Develop collective intelligence for a greater HQ

After wages, working time come first among staff priorities. Holy-Dis continues its search for the ideal schedules, relying on R&D, AI and collaborative features to improve your employees’ life.

Schedules link private and professional life and are a fantastic lever for Quality of Working Life (QWL) and performance. It is also an “must-have” tool for Global Quality of Life (GQOL). Evolution or revolution? Guided by technological cycles, legal evolutions and customer needs, Holy-Dis roadmap is therefore turning today to even more HUMAN,CENTRIC and COLLABORATIVE.

The future every day.


On the way to the future

A vision of time management

The 30th anniversary of Holy-Dis is a rich story made up of successes, innovations and many Men and Women. On the client or manager side, they are designing the modern organization to better take into account the fragmentation of schedules and timetables.

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Holy-Dis, HRIS Editor for 30 years

30 Years of experience

4,500 Sites & Customers

1st French player in HR Workforce Management

52 Employees

7 Languages

Customers in 48 countries

95% Satisfaction

99,5% Retention Rate

Our People are talented

A team of HRIS experts
Time Management Superheroes

Because our employees are at the service of our customers, we invite you to discover, through a few portraits, the experts who work all year round to provide you with the tools and skills you need.

Time, our job… their job, your job

Collective time management

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With Lisa, Natacha and Jérôme

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The Time of the Cosmos

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With Evelyne, Olivier and Bruno

The Time of the Watchmaker

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The Time of Creation

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The Time of Performance

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Together, we build
technological and human future

Holy-Dis partner ecosystem
AFRC - French Association for Customer Relations
The digital partners club
SIST - Union of Telephone Reception Organizations
Syntec - Digital Technologies Union
Tech in France

Education changes the world

Commitment to solidarity education

Holy-Dis supports materially and financially the association Aide & Action in its solidarity action. The education of young and not so young people is a crucial issue for the development of a country or a community. This is why Holy-Dis makes a strong commitment to this charity which promotes access to education for all, when, in the world, more than 60 million children do not attend education! Our people are talented, mostly because they have been fortunate enough to receive an education (acquired) and to learn (easily) to become actors in their lives. All in all, an major development for a more fair and equitable society, values that Holy-Dis encourages and promotes on a daily basis.

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